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Digital design and development - Wordpress, Craft CMS, Magento, Drupal
Digital design and development - Wordpress, Craft CMS, Magento, Drupal
CMS - Content Management System


We build using the latest Content Management System technologies including Wordpress, Craft, Magento and Drupal.

Projects include:
  1. Promotional websites.
  2. Workplace collaboration platforms.
  3. Digital asset management.
  4. Platform migration, security and maintenance.
  5. Learning and development environments.
  6. Performance and record keeping.

Craft CMS
CPD - Continual Personal Development


CPD (Continued Personal Development) and LMS (Learning Management Systems) are two closely related platform types. The two systems can be combined to create a single environment where online learning, endorsements and qualifications are managed across simple (or complex!) hierarchical structures within an organisation.

We work with clients in a broad range of sectors to deliver accredited training and SCORM compliant content on the Moodle platform along with our own custom built, multi-tenancy, CPD platform.

Skills Plus
CRM - Customer Relationship Management


Automated integration between your website and your CRM system enables your team to efficiently manage real time customer data.

We’ve helped a number of our clients to improve customer relationships by implementing seamless CRM integrations, specifically focusing on - measurable website interactions, lead generation, qualifying of prospects and email marketing campaigns in Salesforce, Zoho, and Hubspot.

SEO - Search engine optimisation


We can help to improve your website’s organic search rankings and deliver targeted PPC campaigns that form part of your paid for SEO strategy.

Processes include:
  1. Keyword research to determine search volumes.
  2. On page optimisation of text, images and video content.
  3. hreflang implementation based on location and alternative language versions.
  4. Code level integrations with Google Search Console, Tag Manager, Google Ads and Analytics.

Google Search Console

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